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100's of Customers and Counting..

Case Studies


Focus: Investor and investment risk and compliance


Before State

-- Working with checklists, spreadsheets and forms

-- Manual screening performed on an ad-hoc basis

Implemented KYC3 Enterprise Risk Management Server 

-- Up and running in 6 weeks

-- Fully automated document and UBO management

-- Continual risk screening and document checks


-- Satisfied CSSF demand for continual risk management

-- 1 FTE position wasn’t replaced = €250k savings.

-- 25 staff can directly manage their areas of responsibility resulting in a better coordination and focus on performance

Advent International

Focus: Deal KYB

Before State

-- Manual screening, paper forms, email processes

Implemented KYC3 Enterprise Risk Management Server 

-- Smart Dossier Setup

-- Extended Risk Engine configuration

-- Tailored system implementation

KYC3 Results

-- Team can scale without additional staff

-- Less time spent on processes and reporting 

-- More time for quality analysis

BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Focus: Risk reduction and fraud prevention

Before State

-- Manual review of applicants

-- Difficulty to detect fraudulent applications

Implemented KYC3 Enterprise Risk Management Server 

-- High verification personal onboarding process

-- Full use of video authentication, face recognition

-- Risk intelligence from phone and meta-data


-- Handle onboarding in an automated and user friendly process

-- Reduce losses from fraud by 1mm Eur/year

KYC3 and our Founder, Jed Grant, have been published, sharing ideas, thoughts, strategies and concepts with audiences that range 100,000+ readers.